May 18, 2023 · class=" fc-falcon">He Is Afraid Of Rejection.

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Reciprocation always rules. The answer to your question: “Does he need space or is he done?”.


However if he is now sitting back thinking, and not communicating TO YOU , it's possible he could be on his way.

After dating my boyfriend exclusively for two-and-a-half years I want to decide on living together and getting married eventually. . .

When a man says he needs time or space most women instantly see a break up in their future.

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He's never going to want to come back to you if you're going to be a pain. Apr 12, 2012 · class=" fc-falcon">2.

He may have someone else he’s interested in, or he may not.

He Has Some Unfinished Plans.

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Your partner may say that he needs time to think about the relationship because he feels trapped or pressured.

2)He’s unhappy with you and the relationship. 7) He is boring — aka your personalities just aren’t compatible. .

8k. Everything seemed to be going so well in your relationship, when, out of the blue, he tells you he needs some space! What's going on? What does this mean? First of all, don't panic! He may need space for several reasons. . Don't wait around. This happens when his feelings for you are still strong, but he’s seen that your relationship ended in a breakup so he feels like he needs to stay away. Hi Apollonia.

They make decisions for you.

7 days later nothing. .

When a partner needs a little space, it doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is over.

He may have someone else he’s interested in, or he may not.

Reciprocation always rules.

That's actually a very valid fear -- and it will make more sense to him than your inability to accept his alone time.