May 8, 2007 · The notorious leader, Magaddino, had many enemies over the years, yet he survived several attempts on his life.

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. The New York State troopers arrested both men at the Apalachin Meeting.


Known as ‘The Undertaker’ or ‘Don Stefano’, Magaddino controlled a crime empire radiating outwards from Buffalo, on the shores.

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The discovery of the musty cache of cash in his son Peter's house was the first visible signal.

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. Peter Magaddino.

Known as Don Stefano to his friends and The Undertaker to others, he was also a.

Who can forget, for example, the botched job performed by future don Tony Papalia and Dominic Pugliese on Stefano.

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From his start as a hired killer in the early 1920s as one of the “Good Killers” in Brooklyn, who would have guessed that he would lead a crime family that spanned two countries and across state lines?he was able to keep himself insulated from the daily operations, lived in a modest ranch house.


From 1970 to 1992, Salvatore and Joseph Falcone led organized crime in Utica, NY.

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. Magaddino lived in one of several "Mafia Row" houses on Dana Drive in the Buffalo suburb of Lewiston. Joseph's Cemetery on Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls. She was dead in 1927 at the age of twenty-three. . Stefano "The Undertaker" Magaddino was the boss of the Buffalo crime family from 1922 until his death in 1974, and thus America's longest reigning major mob boss.


Also Sylvester Stallone's father Frank Stallone Sr. .

In the attempt on his life, a grenade was tossed through the window of his home.


Stefano Magaddino, “the old man” who lived in a nondescript ranch house in Lewiston, once ruled the mob in Buffalo and Niagara Falls with an iron fist.

Apr 2, 2014 · The Magaddino Family (Power City Distributing Company) By Peggy Taylor-Hulligan (Click on images to enlarge.

Known as Don Stefano to his friends and The Undertaker to others, he was also